Quality Assurance
Patented Innovation

Security Aluminum Hellas SA has set a goal, which is the absolute satisfaction of customer requirements and for this reason is focused on the quality of its products and services.

A multitude of certificates such as ISO 9001, DIN 18182 and EN 14195, EN 13964, as well as registered patents, industrial designs and trademarks prove our company's devotion to quality and innovation and promote the technical soundness and commercial value of our products.

ISO 9001-2015

Our company is certified with the Quality Assurance Certificate ISO 9001 by E. Q. A. (European Quality Assurance) since July 2000 for the sale and production procedure of all its products.

DIN 18182 / Τ1

Our company is certified with DIN 18182 of ΤŪV AUSTRIA-HELLAS since June 2006 for the production of high quality dry-wall profiles according to DIN 18182/T1 specifications.

ΕΝ 14195

Our company is certified with EN 14195 for production of dry-wall profiles according to the specifications for standard ΕΝ 14195 of the European Standardization Committee.

ΕΝ 13964

Our company is certified with EN 13964 for production of Tee grid profiles, as well as perimetrical wall angles for false ceilings with tiles, according to the specifications of ΕΝ 13964 standard of the European Standardization Committee.

Patents & industrial designs

Our company has registered with the Industrial Property Organization a multitude of patents and industrial designs and OBI has granted us the corresponding certificates that safeguard the patents and award the innovativeness of our products.

Brand Names Security Aluminum Hellas Trademarks

Brand Names Trademarks

Our company has legalised the brand names of its products (eg DURO-STEEL) in the Commercial and Industrial Property Office of Ministry of Growth.

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